specification of HLS90 Common Engineering

specification of HLS90 Common Engineering


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specification of HLS90 Common Engineering Product introduction

specification of HLS90 Common Engineering Containerized asphalt mixing plant is characterized by reliable function, environment friendliness and excellent performance and widely used in construction of highway, airport, dam and so on.

specification of HLS90 Common Engineering Containerized asphalt mixing plant is exclusively designed by meet the demands of overseas users.While inheriting the features of LB Series´╝îall units can fit into 40 HQ .It can realize international standard container transportation and largely decrease transportation costs and risks, which adapts to export market.

The high level of compactness is a crucial advantage of the modular system with fixed options.Relocation of plant is made possible by the specially designed steel anchor base and hauling attachments,Meanwhile the modular structure and foundation-free fast installation are convenient for equipments transportation and removal.

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